We offer

Whether you want an agent, a distributor or a consultant, what you get here is added value. That is our primary delivery - besides the inside scoop on how to do business with the Danish Armed Forces.

Let AC Defence kick-start the dialogue about your products and improve your sales.

Value proposal

Use AC Defence as your agent, distributor, consultant or industrial collaboration partner. Get us to handle; in-depth market surveys, marketing, promotions, sales, negotiations, bid management, industrial collaboration coordination activities, or even be your PR and PA advisor.

Are you looking for something else? Tell us what you need and we will deliver it to you.

Core values

Outstanding quality. We never deliver less.

We build bridges between cultures, organisations and people. It is our job to ensure that you get closer to the client or supplier than you would without us - and we put relationships in pride of place. That is how we achieve extraordinary quality - for all parties involved.

You get a hard working, persistent and loyal collaboration partner when you choose AC Defence. We work with the best - and we are always looking to connect our partners and our customers in seamless collaborations.

Use AC Defence to unlock the Danish and Nordic markets, contact us at info@acdenfence.dk or call +4540834149