About Us

Building bridges to the Danish Defence Market.
That is our mission.


Creating long term and trustful relationships between the Danish Defence and its foreign suppliers. That is our motivation.

We deal in trust. You can trust us to work tirelessly to ensure your products and services are available and attractive to our customers. And trust us, when we ask you to reconsider how you best propose to seal the deal.

About our history

AC Defence A/S has been around since the mid 1960’ies. In 2018, AC Defence A/S left AAGE CHRISTENSEN A/S to focus solely on delivering excellent products and projects to the Danish Defence.

At the same time, we entered into a partnership with the NDS Group [link to NDS Group], which provides our partners with the opportunity to deliver mission critical solutions to all of Scandinavia.

About our profile

For decades, we have successfully paved the way for some of the main suppliers for the Danish Defence. If you need a commercial agent, distributor or consultant with extensive, in-depth knowledge of the Danish Armed Forces’ users and acquisition processes you need us.

We are with you at every step: from the very first market survey through promotion, marketing, bid management, contract negotiations, programmes management and after sales to the possible decommissioning of the capacity.

As our partner, you also get full access to our extensive know-how about industrial collaboration as well as any PR/PA activities you might need.