We will enable you to get close to the right people within the Danish defence market.

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Who are we


Thierry Legendre

Managing Director

Your main point of contact in relation to sales and customer relationships. With many years experience in the business, he has tried it all before.

Lars Gleerup

Chairman of the Board

Your main point of contact in relation to numbers and our company structure. As Chairman in Kalmar Group and a shareholder in companies in Finland, Sweden and Norway, his experience with the Nordic defence market is remarkable.

Søren Overgaard

Business development manager

Your main point of contact, when scoping your project to the Danish defence market. With attention to detail and a solid military background, he is a strong native speaker amongst the military end users.


We are always looking for new colleagues who share our values and are passionate about what they do. If you have the inside track on and want to support us in building new relations with the Danish Defence, please contact us.